Vacation Bible School

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” The Old Testament prophets warned the people of Israel to prepare their hearts for the coming Messiah. In the New Testament, John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness for repentance because the Messiah was at hand. John, the disciple of Christ, closed the book of Revelation with the promise that the King is coming again to take his people home. “The King Is Coming!” rings out with the hope that Christ’s return is near and bids us prepare for the glorious moment. Our prayer is that through VBS this year, children who are believers can be encouraged to learn that Christ is returning to gather his saints from this fallen world, and that those who don’t know him will receive him because his return is imminent.1

Kosmosdale is anxiously waiting for the king to come. We are set to start our adventure on June 22th and ending on the 26th. The time will be from 6 to 8PM at Kosmosdale Baptist Church.

The age groups are Kindergarten, Primary (Grades 1-3), and Junior (Grades 4-6).
The topics are:

Day 1 The King Creates Genesis 1-2
Day 2 Separated from the King
Genesis 2:15-3:24
Day 3 The King is Coming Genesis 11:27-12:8
Day 4 The King has Come
Luke 10:38-12; Genesis 22:1-8
Day 5 The King is Coming Again John 14; Revelation 21-22


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If you have questions about our VBS program, please e-mail us at or call us at (502) 937-5234.


1. Taken from The Great Commission Publications overview for the VBS.