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Calming the Storm: Something Greater Than Jonah Is Here

In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus calms a storm. And when you read the story, there are multiple correspondences to the story of Jonah. In fact, the way Mark narrates the story seems to have been influenced by the events in Jonah 1. There are at least eight points of correspondence: The key character gets into a […]

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King David: Example, Type, and Covenant Head

This past Wednesday night, we had the opportunity to hear from Andrew Lindsey, who is a former member of Kosmosdale Baptist Church. He spoke about the significance of David in biblical typology. Here is a written version of what he spoke on this past Wednesday: Why Study the Life of King David (and Other Biblical Kings)? IMAGINE you have a friend who, once every week, gathers with a small group of people to study ancient rulers. The group studies Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Amenhotep I, etc. You may think that such a meeting is somewhat interesting. But if it […]

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