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What the Bible is All About: God as Pursuer

God created the whole world and humans in it in perfect relationship with Him. Adam and Eve walked and talked with Him, seeing Him face to face every day in the Garden. However, when they disobeyed God by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they broke that relationship between God and Humanity, sentencing themselves and all of creation to lives of pain, human injustice, and loneliness. In his mercy, God removed Adam and Eve from the Garden to keep them from eating the fruit from the tree of life, ensuring that they would not […]

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Tips on Debating

This post was original posted on my blog in Dec. 2011 after a Facebook debate. I just finished a debate. It went nowhere quickly, but that’s getting ahead of the story. So I once made a¬†Facebook¬†post about a very minorly controversial topic, which proved to be very emotionally charged when discussing with a friend of our family who is a believer. In a series a responses to that post, a sparring debate was lit over whether or not preaching about sin in churches was condemnation without love. To me, the need to preach about sin was very obviously the correct […]

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