Foundations in Truth (F.I.T.) Youth Ministry

Come and SeeOverview:

Young people today find themselves in an exciting and challenging world. Navigating through this world is often difficult and confusing. Teens and pre-teens are looking in many places for guidance as they grow into adulthood.

At Kosmosdale Baptist Church, we want to point today’s youth to the one person who ultimately brings hope and stability to people of all ages, namely, our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with this mission in mind that we would like to announce the creation of a ministry focused on meeting the needs of teens and pre-teens at our church. This ministry is called the Foundations in Truth or F.I.T. Ministry. God has burdened two of our college students, Curtis Ponder and Dalton Teal, to hold a Bible study on Wednesday nights for all those who are in grades 6-12. These weekly meetings include times for prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and games.

The F.I.T. Ministry also has a counterpart for young people in grades 2-5 called F.I.T. Jr. This ministry meets at the same time as the regular F.I.T. Ministry and is geared to address students who are not yet in middle school or high school. Like the regular F.I.T. Ministry, F.I.T. Jr. meetings include prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and game times, but the focus of the program is to expose young people to the basic plan of redemption. The goal is to familiarize students with the overall story told in Scripture and to develop a foundational understanding of the Christian message. The children have been learning The Baptist (“Keach’s”) Catechism, developed to help young people and new believers grasp the basics of the faith through question and answer. The F.I.T. Jr. ministry is led by a couple in our church, Mike and Kathren Miller.

Both the F.I.T. and F.I.T. Jr. ministries meet every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. in the youth room downstairs. For information regarding upcoming youth activities please visit our Events Page.

Our Mission:

The Foundations in Truth Ministry has been established to glorify God by reaching and discipling elementary, middle, and high school age youths. The goal is (1) to reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, (2) to develop young people who think and live biblically, and (3) to train the same to involve themselves actively in the ministry of Kosmosdale Baptist Church and the Christian Church at large.

Our Methods:

  • We will boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, calling everyone to repent of sin and believe in Jesus Christ as their only hope of salvation.
  • We will faithfully teach the whole counsel of God, instructing the youth in matters of both faith and practice.
  • We will act as mentors and role models for the youth in our ministry, lovingly encouraging them to follow us as we follow Christ.
  • We will provide opportunities for our young people to worship God, receive instruction, fellowship with one another, and evangelize the lost.
  • We will provide concrete opportunities for our youth to learn and cultivate ministry skills that will benefit Kosmosdale Baptist Church and the Christian Church at large.