re: "Born Gay"

Published November 9, 2012 by Andrew Lindsey in Christian worldview

[The first paragraph below is from a comment I posted on a friend’s Facebook wall in response to that friend’s stated support of “gay marriage.” I’m reproducing this here– along with some additional thoughts– since the matter of “gay marriage” has recently become front-and-center once again in our society due– for example– to referenda regarding “gay marriage” on many state ballots in the recent election.]

It’s strange how our culture is so hardcore ‘free-will’/free choice, EXCEPT when it comes to sexuality; then people swing the other way and become entirely deterministic, speaking as if people are entirely enslaved to their hormones and desires. And while there may be some truth that some of us sinners are “born gay”– in the same sense that a person may be genetically predisposed toward alcoholism, or men with an extra Y chromosome are genetically disposed toward violent crime– this does not negate individual decision or responsibility.

The truth is, whether one agrees that people can be born with a predisposition toward homosexuality, it is certain that every person is born with a corrupted nature: a nature bent against God and His will. Because sin resides within our very nature, we need a supernatural work of God’s Holy Spirit in order that our nature may be renewed into the image of Christ.

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