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Foundations in Truth

"Foundations in Truth" (or F.I.T.) is a ministry focused on meeting the needs of teens and pre-teens at our church. F.I.T. meets every Wednesday night for all those in grades 6-12 and includes prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and games.


The F.I.T. Ministry also has a counterpart for young people in grades 2-5 called F.I.T. Jr. This ministry meets at the same time as the regular F.I.T. Ministry and is geared to address students who are not yet in middle school or high school. Like the regular F.I.T. Ministry, F.I.T. Jr. meetings include prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and game times, but the focus of the program is to expose young people to the basic plan of redemption. The goal is to familiarize students with the overall story told in Scripture and to develop a foundational understanding of the Christian message. The children have been learning The Baptist (“Keach’s”) Catechism, developed to help young people and new believers grasp the basics of the faith through question and answer. The F.I.T. Jr. ministry is led by a couple in our church, Mike and Kathren Miller.


Both the F.I.T. and F.I.T. Jr. ministries meet every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. in the youth rooms downstairs.

Youth Classes (6-12)

Young people today find themselves in an exciting and challenging world. Navigating through this world is often difficult and confusing. Teens and pre-teens are looking in many places for guidance as they grow into adulthood. At Kosmosdale Baptist Church, we want to point today’s youth to the one person who ultimately brings hope and stability to people of all ages, namely, our Lord Jesus Christ. Below are the classes available Sunday morning at 9:30 before the main service.


This class encourages the students to open the Word of Life and develop biblical principles to apply to their own lives. This class is designed to introduce the students to important theological concepts and to help them build a Christian worldview.

Kathren Miller



This class focuses on the metanarratives and storyline of scripture, especially the Old Testament, and introduces students to some of the more challenging aspects of theology and apologetics.

Jacob Preece